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Maryland provides for alimony in some cases. Whether it is temporary, rehabilitative, indefinite or permanent, it is important to talk with an attorney to ensure you are protected, whether it be from paying too much, or receiving too little.

Marital Property

When couples divorce, they must also determine how to best divide their marital assets. Maryland is an equitable distribution state, which means that the parties or a trial judge must decide how to equitably divide the parties’ real property, marital home, retirement assets, bank accounts, vehicles and other assets.  Rachel has years of experience in successfully negotiating favorable financial settlements for her clients.  She is also a seasoned litigator when necessary.


When parents separate or become divorced, child custody and visitation matters are often the most tense and confrontational issues.  If the parents are unable to decide on a custody and visitation arrangement themselves, either alone or via settlement, a judge will decide what arrangement will be in the best interest of the child.  Rachel has the experience and skill in these matters to guide you through the process and achieve an effective resolution, whether through negotiation and agreement, or by presenting your best case in court.  Rachel also is experienced in handling third party custody disputes including grandparent custody and de facto parents.


Often, clients choose mediation over the expense and heartache a trial can bring. When both parties choose to mediate, a mediator sits down with both parties and helps resolve family law issues by helping the parties find settlement options that work best for their family. While a mediator may not make final decisions, they often help the parties find common ground and will draft the agreement for the parties.

If you and your spouse agree to mediate, Rachel can act as your mediator. If you have already engaged a mediator, Rachel can serve as your attorney by acting as your “mediation coach” where she will help generate options and guide you through the mediation process.


Adoptions bring families together.  Rachel is well versed in representing clients in a variety of adoption matters, including independent adoptions and step-parent adoptions.


There are many planning tools - Power of Attorney, Last Will and Testament, Advanced Directives, many types of Trusts.  Whether you need assistance determining your planning needs, or with probating the estate of a loved one, Rachel will guide you through the process with ease.

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